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 Why do we have this section?

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PostSubject: Why do we have this section?   Sat Jan 30, 2010 11:13 am

It might seem odd to include such a topic on a forum like this, but it has many uses.

For starters, it's damned entertaining and interesting. These days the survivalist trend is growing rapidly thanks to Obama and the economy, causing great concern. Thanks to Hollywood, shows like Survivor, Survivorman, and Man vs. Wild have created great interest in the genre. The occurance of natural disasters can create a buzz in the minds of paranoid people all over the world as well. Take a look at Haiti, for example. Not only are there hundreds of thousands of bodies lying in the streets over there as a result of the earthquake, but it is also home to one of the 3 major suspected causes of zombieism: voodoo.

The cause of the public stir aside, preparing and planning for zombie invasions provides a great training environment for realistic situations. When you prepare for zombies you plan to dig in and fight or plan an escape route, for example, both of which can prove to be useful in the event of a disaster.

So go ahead, wether you think it's real or not, kick back and enjoy the discussion!

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Why do we have this section?
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