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 Zombie Virus Explaination

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PostSubject: Zombie Virus Explaination   Sat Jan 30, 2010 11:17 am

Myxobolus Haemosteomyelitisnarcosa shares many physically mutative traits with Myxobolus Cerebralis. M. H. commands certain muscle groups to grow and strengthen. Some of the affected muscles control mastication (chewing) and movement. Other affected regions include the suprahyoids, the lateral cervical muscles, muscles of the thorax and abdomen, and the muscles of the upper limbs. The human skeleton is also mutated, some parts disfigured, others enhanced for function. The bones of the jaw, hands, vertebrae, and thigh all increase in size and density. Field observations have denoted fresh zombies to be incredibly strong due to these rapid muscular and musculoskeletal mutations. Although, vast quantities of energy, protein, and food stores are spent by the parasite while mutating the body. This consumption of food reserve in a fresh zombie is theorized to be the cause of extreme violence and hunger immediately following a transformation. Zombies will move with a slow, sluggish gait most of the time. If pursuing a potential meal, zombies are capable of running for very long distances at high speeds. It can be inferred from this data that the zombie is a mentally and physically venerable opponent to all humans.

Courtesy of: The Combat Guide

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Zombie Virus Explaination
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